Our camp programming promotes a sense of belonging and achievement through cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in a supportive team program.
It offers a chance for your child to improve technique in all four competitive strokes with individual attention from highly qualified coaches, gain endurance & strength, and have fun with swimming.

The ETOBICOKE Swim Club camps are developmental camps designed to teach swimmers proper technique and provide quality training to swimmers of ALL abilities between 6 and 12 years old. The camps give emphasis to technical skills, training habits, and mental preparation as well as the value of health and fitness in a structured, fun, and enthusiastic ESWIM daily training environment.

From the skill sessions in the water to the video lectures on land, the Etobicoke Swim Club March Break Swim Camp is as much an educational experience as it is a chance to become a more efficient swimmer. Improving as a swimmer is not limited to how one moves through the water; it is imperative that swimmers understand why they are being asked to move a specific way. The ESWIM coaching staff are excited to educate all swimmers and find ways to assist them to the next level in their development. We encourage them to understand that if they consistently make small improvements, those improvements will benefit them when it comes time to race.

Camp Schedule: March 13 - 17, 2023

  • Session 1: 8:00 am to 9:30 am
  • Session 2: 9:30 am - 11:00 am
There are only 40 spots per session available for the camp

Camp Features:

  • To help student athletes continue their pursuit of swimming excellence.
  • The highest quality service while providing an excellent learning environment for student athletes.
  • Developing performance and concentrated technical instruction for all strokes and underwater kicking.
  • Personalized feedback throughout each session
  • Complete video analysis of all four strokes.

Camp Cost:

Fee: $170.00/session plus HST Payment

Camp participant requisites:

  • Swimmers must be registered members in good standing with Swimming Canada
  • Swimmers must be registered with Swim Ontario to participate.
  • Swimmers must be between the ages of 6 & 12 inclusively
  • Swimmers who can complete continuous laps of Freestyle, Backstroke and swim Breaststroke or Butterfly with proficiency.

Detailed location & Contact Information

Etobicoke Olympium (Olympic Pool)
590 Rathburn Rd, Etobicoke ON M9C 3T3
Performance Director: Nail Kaddache
Note: Only credit card payments through our Camp registration site will be accepted.
For More Information Contact: Joe Grdisa at gm@eswim.ca


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