About the Etobicoke Swim Club

The Etobicoke Swim Club has a long and rich history of service to the Etobicoke community. Since 1954 we have been training children and young adults in the sport of competitive swimming with truly outstanding results.
The Etobicoke Swim Club has produced many National, International and Olympic swimmers and has been Provincial and National Champion many times over. Today we have over 270 swimmers competing for Etobicoke, from the novice level all the way to National Team members. Our club motto is "Committed to Excellence" and our swimmers, coaches and parents work hard on a daily basis to continue this tradition of excellence.  We are extremely proud of our swimmers and their successes; however, as parents, we are equally proud of the outstanding citizens that our children have become for the community.
Over the years a very special relationship has developed between our organization, the City of Etobicoke, and the Etobicoke Olympium. We feel that our young athletes are tremendous ambassadors for Etobicoke as they travel around the Toronto area, the province of Ontario, the rest of Canada and even the world, to take part in swim meets. We also host thousands of swimmers and their families each year as they take part in competitions that are held at the Etobicoke Olympium.

Some Of Our Club's Special Achievements:

Two Long Course World Record Holders: Alison Higson(15) 200 BR 2:27.27 in 1988 and Amanda Reason(15) 50BR 30.23 in 2009
10 Senior National Records currently held.
69 out of 228 National Age Group Records currently held. Four times more than any other club.
116 out of 292 Provincial Age Group and Open Records currently held
Most #1 Overall Club Rankings in TAG history (National Age Group Ranking)
Winner of 14 straight Junior Provincial Championships from 2001 to 2008 
34 Swimmers placed on Olympic Teams since 1956. 
2 swimmers on the 2000 Olympic Team  Jenna Gresdal and Owen Von Richter
2 Swimmers on the 2001 World Championships Team  Riley Janes and Tobias Oriwol
3 swimmers on the 2002 Commonwealth Games Team  Riley Janes, Tobias Oriwol and Jenna Gresdal
6 swimmers on the Canadian 2006 Pan Pacs Team: Alexa Komarnycky, Monika Stitski, Bogdan Knezevic, Bryan Mell, Tobias Oriwol, Matt Pariselli
2 swimmers on the 2006 Junior Worlds Team: Alexa Komarnycky, Bogdan Knezevic
1 swimmer on the 2007 Pan Am Games Team: Monika Stitski
3 swimmers on the 2008 Junior Worlds Team: Bogdan Knezevic, Aimeson King, Hassaan Abdel-Khalik
1 swimmer on the 2008 Olympic Team: Alexa Komarnycky
2 swimmers on the 2009 World Championships Team: Amanda Reason and Heather MacLean
1 swimmer on the 2010 Pan Pacs Team: Hassaan Abdel-Khalik
3 swimmers on the 2011 Junior Worlds Team: Lauren Earp, Brittany MacLean, and Omar Arafa (swimmers won 8 medals)
1 swimmer on the 2011 World Championships Team: Brittany MacLean
2 swimmers on the 2012 Olympic Team: Brittany MacLean and Amanda Reason
2 swimmers on the 2013 Junior Worlds Team: Olivia Anderson and Tristan Cote
3 swimmers on the 2013 World Championships Team: Hassaan Abdel-Khalik, Aly Abdel-Khalik and Brittany MacLean
1 swimmer on the 2014 Commonwealth Games Team: Brittany MacLean 2 BRONZE Medals
1 swimmer on the 2014 Pan Pacs Team: Brittany MacLean 3 BRONZE Medals
2 swimmers on Junior Worlds Team: Olivia Anderson and Meryn McCann
1 swimmer on Pan Am Games Team: Brittany MacLean 1 BRONZE Medal
1 swimmer on the 2016 Olympic Team: Brittany MacLean 1 BRONZE Medal
2 swimmers on the 2019 Junior Worlds Team: Katrina Bellio and Alexander Milanovich 
3 swimmers on the 2020 Olympic Team: Katrina Bellio, Ruslan Gaziev and Summer McIntosh

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