2021 Intro Skills Summer Swim Camp

Posted 2021-06-21

2021 Intro Skills Summer Swim Camp

Our Intro Summer programming promotes a sense of belonging and achievement through cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in a supportive team program. 

It offers a chance for your child to improve technique in all four competitive strokes with individual attention from highly qualified coaches, gain endurance & strength, and have fun with swimming.

Camp Features:

  • Ability grouping for all levels, Girls and Boys
  • Concentrated instruction for swimmers 11 & Under
  • Personalized feedback throughout the day
  • Dynamic Dryland  and Technique Analysis.
  • Skills Sessions are run at the Lambton Kingsway Outdoor Pool
  • Complete video analysis of all four strokes.
  • Healthy Mix of Learning and Fun 


  • ESWIM Skills Camp will be open to our ESWIM Intro Program, as well as Non ESWIM athletes. Registration Procedures are different.
  • Swimmers who can swim two pool lengths (50 metres) of Freestyle, Backstroke and swim Breaststroke or Butterfly with some proficiency
  • Streamlining off the walls
  • Make changes to technique upon instruction 


$215.00/week  Includes HST
*$190.00 for Week 5  Includes HST (Civic Holiday closure)

Register Early: ESWIM Intro Skills Summer Swim Camp has SIX one week sessions. 

Registration Deadlines:

Session 1           July 5th  July 9th, 2021                              Friday July 2nd, 2021                                  

Session 2           July 12th  July 16th, 2021                        Friday July 9th, 2021

Session 3            July 19th  July 23rd, 2021                       Friday July 16th, 2021

Session 4           July 26th  July 30h, 2021                          Friday July 23rd, 2021

Session 5 **     August 3rd  August 6th, 2021                Friday July 30th, 2021

Session 6           August 9th  August 13th, 2021              Friday August 6th, 2021

Location: Lambton Kingsway Outdoor Pool - 37 Marquis Ave, Etobicoke ON M8X 1V3

Camp Schedule: Please note spots are limited

Session 1 

7:15AM  8:15AM  Dryland 
8:15AM  9:15AM  Pool 

Session 2 

9:15AM  10:15AM  Pool
10:15AM  11:15AM  Dryland 

COVID PROTOCOLS  are in place. The Covid Daily Health Assessment MUST be completed each and every day prior to arrival at the pool. Please take great care when you complete this online form. Swimmers who have not completed the form will not be allowed to train either dryland or water. This form appears on the club website and can only be done online. Parents are advised to complete before they leave for the session.

Correct mask wearing is mandated from when the athlete leaves their vehicle and is the last item off prior to water training. Masks are the first item put on when water training is completed.

At least 3 meters distance is required between all participants at all times.

A personal kickboard is mandated for all attendees.  Current ESWIM members may bring their equipment in their ESWIM backpack.

Non ESWIM members can purchase at a local retailer in advance the kickboard for the camp.

Please come dressed in your bathing suit as change rooms may not be open.

Each athlete is entitled to register for 1 session per week only. Each athlete is entitled to register for as many weeks as they wish.

Payment for this registration is done only via credit card through the PayPal portal within the ESWIM website. 

*A mandatory $60 cancellation fee will be applied for all session cancellations regardless of the amount of notice given.

Notification Required                                                 Amount to be refunded

5 weeks or more prior to session start date                   Full refund

3 to 5 weeks prior to session start date                            50% refund

Less than 3 weeks prior to session start date                 No refund

Current ESWIM INTRO swimmers who wish to attend may register through their current online account under My Registrations Sign Up. Remember only 1 session per week is permitted per swimmer.

Swimmers from other Swim Ontario clubs must contact the club office administrator to be given access to the registration for this camp. If interested email eswimoffice@gmail.com to advise name of swimmer and birth date and current Swim Ontario club.

Swimmers who are not yet and never have been registered with a swim club should email the club administrator at eswimoffice@gmail.com for more information on how to register and what is required.

Late Fee Charges: Please be advised that our permit only allows us to utilize the facility for a specific time. If you arrive late to pick up your child , there will be an 

Automatic late pickup fee charged at $1.00 per minute. This is payable to the coach of your child who has been inconvenienced. Also be aware that we have other swimmers relying on the coach to be ready to start their workout. Please be considerate of the coaching.

The Covid Daily Health Assessment is mandatory and is used by the coaches to track the swimmers arrival and departure. Swimmers under the age of 12 will NOT be released unless an authorized individual is present at time of pick up.



Share the Olympic Spirit with our Coaching Staff

For More Information Contact:

Intro Head Coach Endi Babi at or Linda Aach at eswimoffice@gmail.com

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