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Swimmer Performance


How does my swimmer move from group to group?
Group movement is based on the coach’s evaluation. Some of the criteria are on our website. When selecting for the groups we try to create the most compatible group as possible in terms of racing and training speed and age. The general age range per group can be found on the club group flow chart.
Are swimmers asked to leave the club at any time should they not be improving?
No one has been asked to leave because they are not improving. Occasionally, a swimmer who no longer fits into any group based on age and ability is no longer selected for any group.
Are my child’s times recorded anywhere on a website?
There is the “Power Rankings” provided by SNC. If swimmers are not fast enough to be ranked nationally their performances are recorded in our Team Manager data base program.
What are time standards and where can I find current time standards for my child?
Provincial standards can be found on the Swim Ontario website at and National standards are found on the SNC website at
Can someone explain how pre-requisites work?
For the younger swimmers to qualify for Provincials and Festivals they need to beat certain standards in the longer freestyle and IM events. This is done to prove their aerobic fitness to Swim Ontario. It is part of the long term athlete development plan.
How do you convert sc to lc times?
Conversions are rules of thumb and therefore are not official. My advice is not to bother converting. Swimmers need to work on improving their LC (long course) times and work on improving their SC (short course) times.
Is my child’s coach permitted to coach my child privately during school breaks etc?
No ESWIM coach can coach any ESWIM member or swimmer from another club privately at any time of the year including school breaks.
What is the difference between sc and lc and what time of year is which season?
The short course season (25 m pool) is traditionally September to March and the long course (50 m pool) season April to August. Long Course meets can be held during the SC season and vice versa.
When do the swimmers receive report cards?
Report cards come out shortly after the conclusion of the SC and LC seasons. Note: the oldest 3 groups do not receive report cards.