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Cafeteria FAQs


How do I sign up for working in the cafeteria?
The sign up for cafeteria positions will be at the same time as deck positions. You must go online at the time specified before each meet and sign up for the specific day and time of cafeteria shift.
Do I get hours or points for working in the cafeteria?
You get hours for working in the cafeteria and you get points for food donations.
What kind of work will I do in the cafeteria?
The cafeteria manager will assign you to any given position required during your shift. This may include working the cash, the grill, in food preparation (chopping, slicing, cutting) or preparing and serving in the coaches lounge. You cannot request a specific position, however if you have special needs please contact the cafeteria manager before the meet and discuss.
How do I sign up for donations for the cafeteria?
Approximately two weeks prior to each meet a flyer will be posted on the ESWIM website. This flyer will list the specific food donation required for that meet and the name of the cafeteria manager. At that time you must contact the cafeteria manager and confirm what you would like to donate. You must receive a confirmation from the manager that they still need your specific donation in order to receive your points. It is important to only bring what the manger needs.
Who is the cafeteria manager?
The cafeteria manager is a parent that has had experience working in the cafeteria in past years or has been a past manager. Each meet has a different manager and they are listed on the donation flyer. If you are interested in becoming a manager please contact the board member responsible for the cafeteria.
How do I get points for my cafeteria donations?
Please look carefully at the point allocation list which will be posted in the member section of the website. If you have questions contact the meet specific cafeteria manager or the board member responsible for the cafeteria.
When and where do I bring my food donation?
The cafeteria manager will ask that you bring your donation at an agreed upon time, this may be for breakfast lunch or dinner. The food donation should be ready to serve and require no assembly.
Do I get to eat the food in the coaches’ lounge?
No, the donated food is to feed the visiting coaches and high level officials. ESWIM officials (timers, deck official) are not fed.
When do I find out about the points for my donation?
If you follow the point allocation guideline then you should be aware of the points that you will receive. Points may take a few weeks to be entered onto the online system. Please be patient.
What if I disagree with the points allocated for my donation?
Please contact the cafeteria manager or board member responsible for the cafeteria. However, please be aware that the guideline should be carefully followed and then there should be no issues.
Why are there so few cafeteria positions available?
ESWIM needs most parent volunteers on deck to run the meet and therefore we are limited in how many people are needed to work in the cafeteria and coaches lounge. We try to keep the number of people in the cafeteria to a minimum.