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The Etobicoke Swim Club is a not for profit organisation comprised of swimmers, their families, coaches and administration.

The Club's goals are
  • To support young people with the drive, determination, talent and desire, to realise their maximum potential and aspirations in the field of competitive swimming, through self-discipline, commitment and time management
  • To build self confidence and self esteem in Club swimmers, while promoting team spirit and good sportsmanship.
  • To achieve and maintain the status of a High Performance Club by training swimmers to reach top ranking at the Provincial, National and International levels of competitive swimming.
  • To promote and develop coaches and meet officials which can offer excellence in Canadian competitive swimming.


In order to achieve its goals, the Club must necessarily incur substantial costs for pool time, Swim Ontario fees, administration, coaching, meet travel, and support for high performance swimmers.

To ensure the achievement of its goals, therefore, the Club relies on the club members and their families to meet their financial commitments on a prompt and timely basis and to volunteer their time to ensure the swimmers can be offered the maximum opportunity to achieve their goals in the sport of swimming.

In order to ensure that the club stays on strong financial and operational footing, the financial responsibilities and volunteer workload are shared among all members and their families. As a condition of membership in this Club, each member family has a responsibility to achieve a minimum volunteer commitment during the swim season, and to ensure that their minimum financial commitments are met as and when required by the Club.


When moving swimmers within the Etobicoke Swim Club, the coaching staff looks at many factors.
One is the availability of space in the next group. In general, our groups consist of approximately 20 swimmers and one of our goals is to have each group as training and age compatible as possible.

Some other characteristics and traits the coaching staff look at are:
  • Appropriate effort in practice as prescribed by the coach
  • Attendance
  • Coachability
  • Ability to train at the next level
  • Respect for Coaches/Officials and other Swimmers
  • Appropriate skill level to progress to the next level
  • A growing commitment to the sport of swimming
  • Swimmer should be in the age range for the next group

**The swimmer’s appraisal is based on the aggregate of these items and more.